A Gathering Place

More story time

One of the ideas we’ve kept in the forefront of our minds as we build the studio is that we want this space to be inviting and encouraging for people to ask to learn here.

Why do I want this? Because I love seeing the light in the eyes of others as they grasp an elusive idea; when people can see something beautiful blossom under their fingers. Sharing the bounty is key. I don’t want to keep all I’ve learned to myself.

Confidence Building

What makes me believe I can facilitate that? Years and years of working with fibers throughout a wide variety of skillsets. I was taught to cross stitch, embroider, knit and crochet by the time I was 9. I’ve woven countless potholders on plastic looms. I understand how to fix knitting mistakes many inches back without having to tear things apart. I’ve made and learned from so many of my own mistakes that I can help others work through theirs. I’ve modified countless patterns to make them work with the fiber I wanted instead of being stuck with only using what the pattern calls for.

Honestly? Knotted skeins of yarn don’t cause me any distress. I adore touching the fibers I choose and enjoy the endless colors. There is a calmness in teasing out the knots so that little yarn is ever wasted. And in doing this seemingly mundane and tedious task, I’m learning about the characteristics of the fiber. I know how fragile or strong it is, if it pills up, if it breaks down from friction. This all tells me a story about how well the fiber will stand up to the task I choose.

I’ve never turned away from trying a new technique or fineness of fiber. Nothing is too thin or too thick to tackle. No stitch beyond my curious hands. I have built a lovely library of books and patterns. I’ve constructed a rich repertoire.

This love of fiber, knot work and interlacement is something I want to share. I want to create a studio where others want to hang out with me and learn more. I want to give folks an opportunity to try things when they may not have the resources.

Learn From the Passionate

I don’t consider myself an expert. There are plenty of those amazing folks out there willing to hold classes. I’ve been able to attend several and they were all wonderful. And I will continue to search them out when I want to fine tune my skills. I will bring those skills back, digest and experiment, and turn them into my fresh set of skills.

Even when I was working in technology and writing books, I never approached what I had to teach from the pedestal of being an expert. What I did that made my classes and books stand out was that I approached things from the place of learner. I taught while I was still learning and perfecting my tech craft. I was able to connect and understand and remember what it felt like to be at the beginning.

This is what I want to bring to the table again with fiber crafting. I want to show how to find the love and passion in all that parts of the process. I want to have fellow artisans want to be here to learn and share and experiment.

When the studio is finally done, I will be opening it up for fiber artists and crafters that want to create in the company of others. I will be there willing to share my ever growing base of knowledge. I’m looking forward to building a local tribe of passionate folks and give them a place that fosters the creativity.

That’s why we are designing that space into the studio from the start.

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