Weaving it Forward

It started like this: "And hey seriously you are coming here to weave in January or February, right? If you truly fall in love, I have a loom I am preparing to pass on to a new weaver."

Sample for a win

Sampling is when you cut some of your weaving off of the loom and put it through the finishing process to see how it will behave. This takes time, effort, and an acceptance of waste. And it's surprisingly satisfying! Read more...

Studio Story Time

I talk about my studio all the time. My Loom Room. This place inspires me and it gives me purpose. I'd like to tell you why it's my sacred space and show you the evolution of the room. Read more...

My Studio

In two years I've outgrown the guest bedroom I took over with two looms and some cabinets to hold my supplies. I loved this cozy space, but the more I worked in it, the more I gathered and the less space I had. We have a large walk out basement that accumulated over 27 years... Continue Reading →

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