Studio Story Time

What is it with you and this studio?

  • My studio
  • Brian’s lab
  • My office

I have this need to create my version of sacred spaces in my home. My office is very comfortable and set up to be a place I enjoy being in for over 40 hours a week. Brian’s lab is a space where he can look forward to spending time doing those things that bring him peace of mind and spirit.

When I first started weaving with a loom, I converted one of our guest rooms into my Loom Room. I took such great joy in that name and that space. The closet was turned into a craft storage area, with big plastic bins where I could organize different types of materials for easy access: spinning fibers. full balls of yarn, yarn leftovers that still had enough yardage for other uses, beading supplies, odd crafting supplies.

In this space, I could organize things in ways I’ve never quite desired to before. I had easy access to everything and it became such a joy to think to myself, “self? Let’s see if I have a ball of yarn that Brian would like a hat made from.” and know where to go to look. I realized I had stopped the hunting and gathering phase, and was moving into a new creative phase.

Also during this time, I found two really lovely barrister style shelving by chance at an estate sale just down my street and at an amazing price. Not the gorgeous antique furniture, but some really functional pieces where I could store my weaving fiber, which was still in the hunting and gathering phase. These lovely glass front shelves served as inspiration, holding a veritable rainbow of possibilities.

Outgrowing the Loom Room

One loom grew to two. And then there was a third shelf. And then there was the beginning of a plan.

Some day, the next decade, I would like to retire and spend my days transforming. I want to ease out of my life as a data analyst, and ease into being an artist. And teacher.

And the plan for a home studio was born.

Seven or eight iterations in, this looks to be the right placement

Brian and I measured off the space in the walk out basement that I spoke about in a previous post. Then I made a studio version of paper dolls that I could play around with. I dedicated areas to my passions:

  • An area for writing, with my beautiful roll top desk, my fountain pen and ink collection and built in bookshelves for display and storage.
  • Room for three looms. My first loom, the 4 shaft Leclerc Fanny. My second loom, an 8 shaft Baby Wolf. And the monstrous Wee Glenna, the 16 shaft Glimakra countermarch loom.
  • My art desk and supplies are in front of a large window that looks out onto a patio that I will revive with a dwarf Japanese maple, a bird bath, and some ground cover.
  • A workbench where I can set up different larger tools as I need them: my drum carder for blending fibers to spin, my steam press for finishing fabric, my ball winder for prepping skeins of yarn to use, my matting and framing tools.
  • A seating area in front of the brick fireplace for relaxing and reading and spinning yarn.
  • A freshly redone laundry room with a special stainless steel sink for hand finishing the beautiful things I will make.
  • An sewing area, for taking my fabric and turning it into wearable and functional art.
  • An area for teaching, with a large worktable, and a small wall with blackboard paint.
  • And space for my elliptical since nearly everything else I do involves sitting.

Everything I could want, right here

So this is where all of my spare time and thought has been allocated. To building something for the next phase. I look at all that I have and I am humbled by the opportunities set out in front of me for the taking. It’s a slow process, but the excitement is mounting and I have plans. Such plans.

I’ve always said that I don’t know how to be bored. There are just too many wonderful things to do without ever leaving my house.

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