My Studio

In two years I’ve outgrown the guest bedroom I took over with two looms and some cabinets to hold my supplies. I loved this cozy space, but the more I worked in it, the more I gathered and the less space I had.

We have a large walk out basement that accumulated over 27 years of shared…stuff. It housed an electrical workshop for my husband, along with his ham bench. I had my art desk, an elliptical and some fiber work space and walls of shelves that had…more stuff, including the last bit of stock from the bath and body store I once ran. And the walls were odd. Raw plaster with embedded straw and boards framing areas that made me wonder if the prior owners didn’t dream of a barn.

Many times, over the last dozen years, we’ve walked into this space and dreamed of renting giant dumpsters and filing the with everything…down to the rafters. And many times, we walked back upstairs, defeated, because of the amount of work it would take to actually gut that 600+ sq ft room.

But as we are gently aging and making plans for what we want to do after we retire, the urge to purge while we were still in shape to do all the hard work became less of a burden and more of a challenge. And in March 2019, we started cleaning it out. We got the dumpsters, we got rid of the stuff that was holding us back, and we got rid of those horrible walls. We really did take the room down to the studs by April! I still can’t believe we did it, there were so many times it just seemed like more than we could deal with.

Nothing left but the walls!

The drywall went up in May

It’s starting to look like a real room again!

June has been all about getting the wiring in the ceiling managed, new electrical pulled, and the lighting figured out. All of that was done by my husband, who has been amazing, and whom I haven’t killed yet through all the hard work this has taken.

July will be the final two big pieces. The walls and ceiling will be painted, then we will be laying in a hickory laminate flooring. Then in August…I will begin to move my studio into my amazing new studio.

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