The Heat Stays On Event

There’s a great little pub in our town that has a big heart and soul. The Village Pub of Ortonville holds special ‘giving back’ events to raise money for The Heat Stays On. This is a fund for local residents to aid with utility bills during those times of need when other options aren’t available. It was organized in 2003 and has helped many families keep their heat on in the harsh Michigan winter months when emergency financial situations arise.

The Heat Stays On golf and auction event this year is Saturday, August 20.

It starts in the morning with a full featured fun golf tournament (Sign up & Info form). Join folks back at the Village Pub for an auction, 50/50 raffle, and delicious dinner. It’s a raucous, wonderful time in the village.

In the past I’ve knit some shawls for auction. This year, I’m donating one of my handwoven shawls for the raffle. I have had so many requests for this shawl, but the design and colors were from a pattern in a magazine and has restrictions for resale. So donating it to benefit a good cause seems like the perfect solution.

Shawl up for auction at the July 20 The Heat Stays On event at The Village Pub in Ortonville, MI

The shawl is made from silky ring spun rayon. It’s
80″ long and 20.5″ wide. Its shiny and simply gorgeous.

If you love it, please consider coming out to the Village Pub in Ortonville on August 20 and putting in a bid. It needs a good home to go to! And also consider coming out and just having fun with us, with a good meal, some tasty drinks, and a supporting a really good local cause!

Please share this post to get the word out! Thank you!

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