2023 Starts with Cashmere

My wonderful husband gifted me the Doubling of my Cashmere Stash for Yule this year. I now have a rich color palate to play with. Expect an opportunity to drape yourself with butter soft cashmere items later this year. These are 100% cashmere fibers from the UK (except for the black with is mixed with silk for strength). There is so much loft and life in these gorgeous threads.

So, what’s on the looms as we begin 2023?

My Wee Glenna has a lovely commission piece underway in berry colors and with a different complex pattern in each stripe on this Tencel beauty

My Baby Wolf is set up for a learning project. It’s all about Deflected Double Weave. I’ve included the current working piece and photos of the samples I’ve already made with a variety of colors. It’s a slower weave, so this will be a first quarter project.

The warp on this includes stripes of variegate threads, so the colors are constantly changing. It will be quite lovely when it’s done.

I spent some time early on this year organizing and documenting my specialty yarns and pre-wound warps. These will be used for special projects and aren’t part of my weaving fiber main stock.

First up, these are Malabrigo dyed Alpaca Silk blends. These make super soft and warm fabrics.

The next set of photos is all of my pre-wound hand-dyed warps. I’m truly in love with these gorgeous colors. The top two are Tencel and the bottom is mercerized cotton.

And my final submission for this post is a variety of beautiful yarns I’ve put aside for weaving projects! I’ve got gradient skeins that are hand dyed, and other beautiful variegated fibers in wools, silks and Tencel.

2023 looks like it could be a really great year for creative, colorful projects in The Studio

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