Back In My Studio

I have a desk in front of the window in my studio. It’s for my Monday – Friday day job, so I am actually rarely -not- in my studio. But there’s being In My Studio, as opposed to being in the space in my studio. It’s both mental and physical and I’m definitely feeling like I’m back.

I’ve made a few sellable pieces and some personal learning fabric in the last year. I’m definitely feeling pulled to learning more and more about my craft. The Weavers Guild of America has an absolutely wonderful weekly Textiles & Tea series which is an hour long interview with notable weavers and fiber artists. I’ve watched 6 episodes and each woman so far has inspired me in some aspect of the craft. It’s gotten me out of my pandemic creative hibernation.

I’ve also added more colors and new fiber to my collection. Below are my new selections of linen and of cashmere. I am eager to see how these lovely fibers weave up and how I can best use them.

I’m taking an email class on using a countermarch loom with Joanne Hall, who wrote my indispensable books for using my wee Glenna. While some of it is super basic so far, as expected, I’m still learning things. Like, as a weaver who learned to rely on a shuttle race (a ledge on the beater that helps prevent the shuttle from diving under the warp when thrown) on a jack loom, the ledge on the beater bar on my Glimakra Standard (wee Glenna) should be in the back. Because of the extraordinary shed you get on this loom, you don’t need that ledge. Particularly when you warp it properly.

I’ve purchased several books this past year to pour over and learn from. Some are pattern books teaching specific techniques, some are more general things like understanding lift plans for dobby looms or exploring profile drafting. The wealth of knowledge in this craft is amazing, but you really do have to put the work in to get finished fabric out.

I have a list I keep highly visible in my Studio. It’s all the things I want to work on. I like it better than a journal or anywhere I’d have to think about to go see it. It’s helpful so that I can put things up and use it for inspiration. It will take me years to go through it, but that’s part of the joy of weaving. Currently, there is nothing on the board that I couldn’t grab fiber in my stash and get started. So that’s what I’m planning for this spring and summer. Nothing holding me back.

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